WD showed at Computex drive with SATA Express

Although the prices of SSDs are falling more and more, HDD drives are still irreplaceable for storing more data. That is why many companies are striving to provide the fastest possible transfer and hybrid solutions that incorporate both technologies, which feature new interfaces.

During the Computex fair, Western Digital unveiled a completely new SATA Express drive, based on the same solution used in the WB2 Black, but with a much faster interface. This allows the computer to communicate with very high speed.

So big that with a 695 MB / s transfer rate, the drive lags behind typical SSDs, as it bypasses the limited SATA 2 bus capable of transferring data at a maximum speed of 550 MB / s. The drive is of course a hybrid and consists of a 4TB HDD disc with a 128GB SSD installed on which the most used data is stored.

Bioactive glass will provide more durable seals?

Present composite dental fillings used by dentists are not eternal, and as Professor Jamie Kruzic of the University of Oregon says, some of them may stop fulfilling their task after six years. That is why, with his team, he is working on a completely new material that is called bioactive glass.

Currently, composites used by dentists as fillings fill holes in our teeth are made of a mixture of polymers and inert glass fillers. They are composed of compounds such as phosphorus oxide, silicon oxide and calcium oxide, which repel bacteria that cause tooth decay. Specifically speaking, calcium and phosphate released ions are toxic to them.

The problem is that bacteria can put the colon in the gaps between the filling and the tooth, causing the tooth to break from the inside. That is why researchers have developed special, bioactive glass that, as demonstrated by laboratory tests, is much more resistant to such action.

The New Horizons mission may fail

In 2006, New Horizons shipped into space to investigate celestial bodies in the Kuiper Belt near Pluto. Unfortunately, now it turns out that this mission of several years can end in total failure because there are problems with choosing the right object.

Astronomers have the biggest problem with the choice of the KBO (Kuiper Belt Object), or, in short, the proper object to investigate for the instruments of the New Horizons unit. Once the ship has reached Pluto, it must know the trajectory of the object that it should investigate in order to approach it safely. Unfortunately, finding a good KBO is not easy because terrestrial telescopes are too weak to accurately view an object and calculate its trajectory, so the chance of choosing the right celestial body is at most 40 percent.

However, the astronomers do not intend to give up so easily, so they hope to be able to use the Hubble Space Telescope for this purpose, which should increase the chances of successful missions by as much as 90 percent.

It would seem that setting up a KBO for New Horizons should be a priority, so you can ask why the issue was left at the last moment. This is not easy, as it has to wait until it can be determined exactly which ships the ship will be able to reach. This wait can be revenged, because until the last phase of the mission was only a few months before the ship will have to fire their engines and eventually pick up some trajectory.

Best Gaming Headset 2017 For PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One & Xbox 360

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In the Canadian library you rent the internet

By speaking to a library we mean a place where you can search for information in books or old magazines, use your computer with access to the network, or rent a book. The Canadian Kitchener Public Library has expanded this offer in addition to the possibility of renting Wi-Fi hotspots.

The Kitchener Public Library is the first library in Canada to rent Internet, specifically Wi-Fi hotspots, to access the global network. These devices function as typical hotspots, making them ideal for people who do not have internet access in their home because they do not need it or want to pay for it. That is why the library offers the possibility to rent such a device for a period of time and it is completely free.

There are altogether 19 devices available to users over 18 who have their own library card. Hotspot can be rented in the same way as a book for up to three weeks with no restrictions on the amount of data downloaded.

How To Use Xbox 360 Controller With PC?

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