Cleansing the oceans in a modern way

Earth's water reservoirs are slowly becoming a landfill of rubbish, full of heavy metals and waste floating on its surface. There is a project called Ocean Cleanup, which, thanks to the recently acquired funds, is beginning to enter the testing phase.

The purpose of Ocean Cleanup is to clean the surface of the oceans from plastic waste floating on their surface. The project was launched in 2013 by Boyana Slat, a Dutch aeronautical engineer whose vision is based on the use of tidal waves and floating arms that would naturally collect garbage from the surface of water and then bring them to a central tank from where they would be removed. . If the project proves successful, it could significantly reduce the process of purifying oceans from rubbish.

Last December announced the first phase of testing to take place in the North Sea, specifically the 23 km long coast of the Netherlands. A special, 100 meter long installation would allow you to assess the strength of the tidal waves and monitor the load on the garbage barriers as well as their movement. Such a test in real conditions will be very useful, since the barrier was checked only by means of computer models.

We have just managed to raise $ 1.5 million in funding, shared by Royal Boskalis Westminster NV, the Dutch government, and an anonymous philanthropist to carry out the planned quiz. The test installation has just been completed and will be validated for the next year in real conditions.

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