Electrolux inspiration freezer

Chefs, questioned the secrets of the great taste of dishes, underline the importance of fresh ingredients of the highest quality. That's why Electrolux refrigerators are designed to keep your product fresh longer.

The TwinTech Frost Free technology in the new freezer coolers is one compressor that separately cools each chamber. As a result, the humidity is maintained in the refrigerator and the freezer operates frost-free. TwinTech Frost Free technology keeps the humidity in the refrigerator cooler at 65-90%, compared to 25-40% at full Frost systems. Under such conditions lettuce for a week remains fresh without losing turgor and the vitamins levels in fresh vegetables and fruits do not change even after 10 days.

The freshness also lasts longer thanks to the MultiFlow air circulation system, which ensures uniform temperature and humidity at all levels of the refrigerator. This system makes the food loaded into the refrigerator faster reaches the target, low temperatures, and thus slows down.

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