In the Canadian library you rent the internet

By speaking to a library we mean a place where you can search for information in books or old magazines, use your computer with access to the network, or rent a book. The Canadian Kitchener Public Library has expanded this offer in addition to the possibility of renting Wi-Fi hotspots.

The Kitchener Public Library is the first library in Canada to rent Internet, specifically Wi-Fi hotspots, to access the global network. These devices function as typical hotspots, making them ideal for people who do not have internet access in their home because they do not need it or want to pay for it. That is why the library offers the possibility to rent such a device for a period of time and it is completely free.

There are altogether 19 devices available to users over 18 who have their own library card. Hotspot can be rented in the same way as a book for up to three weeks with no restrictions on the amount of data downloaded.

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