The Best Shopify Post Purchase Upsell Apps of 2020

One of the hardest things for anyone who is operating an online store is getting paying customers. You advertise, use funnels, retarget, and chase users to get that much desired sale.

So, once you get that much wanted sale, how can you make the most of it? How can you make sure that you got the full potential from that sale? Are you leaving money on the table?

If you are running an online store using the very popular Shopify platform, then you are in luck. Shopify is a very powerful platform with numerous apps that can be used on top of it as a form of add-ons, which contributed to its’ popularity.

You are in luck because Shopify has multiple apps available to increase your revenue from your paying customers by offering them additional offers after they completed the sale – Post Purchase Upsells.

We have reviewed multiple post purchase upsell apps for Shopify stores, and here are the ones we found offering the highest value for money in 2020:

  • InifinityCrowd by InifinityCrowd
  • OneClickUpsell by Zipify
  • Magic Upsell ‑ Post Purchase by SmartEcom
  • Ultimate Upsell & Cross‑Sell by Tabarnapp

Let us dive dipper into each of those apps and see what makes them worthy of appearing on this list, shall we?

  1. InifinityCrowd by InifinityCrowd

Price: Free to install. Small Percentage of Upsell Revenue.

InfinityCrowd developed a dedicated Artificial Intelligence platform algorithm to match offers and their potential customers.

After installing the app, you only need to set the offers, and InfinityCrowd will seamlessly integrate to your Thank You page and displays offers to the customer with the most potential to make use of it.

InfinityCrowd is the only add-on that uses personalized SMS communications as an additional channel to upsell, reaching high conversion rates.

The revenue upgrade results of InfinityCrowd’s AI platform allows them to base their pricing model solely on the success of the algorithm, as they only charge a fraction of the upsell revenue without the need for a recuring subscription.

Its unique features:

  • Unique AI-based recommendation algorithm
  • Straightforward management system with easy integration
  • Native Shopify integration (WooCommerce integration also available)
  • Pricing model driven by results
  • The only post-purchase upsell app to offer customer-centric SMS messages

2. OneClickUpsell by Zipify

Price: Starting from $56/month +2.5% of upsell revenue.

OneClickUpsell by Zipify is a popular upsell app for Shopify used by over 3,000 stores worldwide. OneClickUpsell includes a simple interface to configure offers but tagging multiple offers to purchased products. It also includes 12 email templates to engage with customers post-purchase.


  • Easy setup with pre-built offer page template
  • A/B testing of offers for optimization
  • Email sequence templates for engagement

3. Magic Upsell ‑ Post Purchase by SmartEcom

Price: $9.95/month. 14-day free trial.

Magic Upsell boasts an increase of 6%-8% in revenue from sales by using their platform. After a user completes their purchase, Magic Upsell will displays a pop up with offers that the customer can browse and shop. Magic Upsell also provides a customizable analytics dashboard for sales and discounts.


  • Easy setup of post purchase Pop-Up
  • Customizable analytics dashboard for identifying revenue generating offers
  • Mobile friendly integration
  1. Ultimate Upsell & Cross‑Sell by Tabarnapp

Price: A free plan is available. Premium plans start from $15.99/month.

Tabarnapp’s Ultimate Upsell & Cross‑Sell is an all-around Shopify add-on app that provides Upsell, cross-sell, bundling, and more. The URL and Rule based mechanisms allows granular customization of offers and their presentation.


  • Multiple revenue generating options
  • URL and Rule based configuration
  • Support for subscription upsell
  1. Checkout Upsell Post Purchase by ShopMakers

Price: $29.99/month. 7-day free trial.

ShopMakers decided to take the minimal approach to upsells and created a list of features they feel are proven and bring the most value.


  • Time limited and future offers
  • Birthday collector to offer unique birthday offerings
  • Drag and Drop interface for simple setup
frontend timed component


Whether you are the occasional Shopify seller or have your entire business based on Shopify, these post purchase upsell apps can ensure that you will get the best revenue from your potential income, drive more engagement from your customers, and drive your store to the next level.